Proverbs and wise sayings in relation to rice from India- Common sayings seem to be the rice roots of any culture. Handled down over generations orally from one to another with their own spin, they can give us insights into worldview.

Traditional values have disappeared or are changed over time, but some proverbs that explicate moral and spiritual wisdom remain with the people. Still told to help educate and pass wisdom down from one to another, they teach a message of behavior or give philosophical wisdom.

They have been defined as the wisdom of many and the wit of one.

Although sayings, like proverbs and maxim may be highly believed and are current in the same culture they ironically often contradict each other.

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Bhator tita khabo pari kintu mator tita sahibo noari

Food items with bitter taste can be eaten (with rice). But bitter words cannot be endured.

Jar dhan ache, tar sah ache

Jar dhan nai, tar man nai

If you have a good store of rice, you have courage; If you have no stock (of rice), you have no prestige

Jar dhan nai, tar jat nai

Jar dhan ache, tar man ache

If you have no rice, you have no caste If you have rice, you have prestige

Tomar barir bahn gaj, tare karisho kharisa

Tomate salai dhan don loun, kathato mon korisa

I have made prickle from your bamboo groves, I have bartered this basketful of rice from you

Have you marked it or not?

Manuhtoe prati monto, dhantoe prati konto

Many a man many a mind, every rice husk contains a grain

Prathame saul kotha, pisothe Hari kotha

Find out your rice first (for sustenance) and then only turn to God

Ahuehe akal tare

Ahu (a kind of rice class) rice cultivation alone can rescue you from duary days of famine

Edotia hatie pasie pasie dhan khai

Single tusked elephants consume rice in great abundance

Dhano dhon, sono dhon

Dhan nahole jibonei britha

Gold is wealth, rice is wealth as well But without rice life has no sustenance

Bhokot bhat, piahot pani

Take rice in your hunger As you drink water in your thirst

Jani gaba.jagi suba, basi dhan sisiba

Sing when you acquire notes (of music) keep alert when you sleep Sow paddy (rice) ascertaining your choice

Dhan kotar pisor nora aruji morar pisor jowain ekei

son-in-law after the death of the daughter Is equivalent to stubble left in a rice field

Dhan lobajukhi, dhon loba goni

Buy rice weighing properly, Receive money counting properly

Dhanpuria kothal pator majat lukai

Jackfruit of the size of rice weighing basket too Is hidden under the leaves

Dhan pake mane tunir moron

Tuni birds have hard days ahead as the harvest time comes closer

Kona hahnak potan dia

It is not good to cheat a blind duck by giving blighted chaffy without a grain

Dhon sampad dhan kheror juir dore

Wealth is as transitory as the flame of dry hay

Jiai thakote dhane rakhibo, morote eta gathe paba

Rice sustains you when you live, but you will get your grave alone when you die

Ranga matie bhal dhanor fasal nidie,

bahut dhair majot kesuar janmo nohoy

Brown earth does not yield better rice crops, child birth is hazardous amidst diverse nurses

Ame ban, kothale dhan

Enormous production of mangoes indicates flood, enormous production of jackfruits indicates good rice crops

Kothat kotha bahe, khorikat bahe kan

makor ghorot jiory bahe, potharot bahe dhan

Words lead on to words thatch-end puts to ear-lobe widens the hole girls grow up in mothers’ house

while rice grows up in the fields

Pube dhenu dhan, pashime dhenu ban

Rainbow in the eastern sky indicates higher crops of rice while rainbow in the western sky indicates flood

Soha manuhor boha kotha, pua godhuli saul kotha

Rustics waste away their time in idle gossips, Their only hankering in the morning or in the evening Is after a bowlful of rice

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