Piero Fornasetti.

We used to be as mild as a doves but we have a lot of electronic mail, and every day too much of it! We let it simply go – any attempt to sort an inbox out, only makes our killing instinct stronger.

Click, click, click – kill, kill, kill.

Early morning – already 108 new e- mails are jumping into my face. I start the killing. Arrgghh. Once again, the usual spam no filters can capture: Offers for penis extensions or emergency calls for the hungry somewhere on earth … really I do not know where to go with my many millions…

We love a clean reading space.

earthstoriez is a money and add free educational website!

Anyway unique website wizards, magic add- sellers and random SEOs quacks – online witch doctors, charlatans, gurus and gasbags spam us. In between travel companies, the analytic genius, PR agencies, newsletters and the dentists quote. She knows better how to write than the Viagra dealer – she is safe, till I see the price –

Click, kill –

Somewhere in all the trash a few pearls: kind words from readers and friends, feedback, suggestions for improvements, funny staff, hilarious youtube videos…

Clearly, e- mail allows quick and compact communication, but a peaceful mind is needed – because viewing the inbox calls for attention and consumes time and energy – what the robots are sending me wakes the killer in me.

According to the survey of over 180 senior managers, conducted by the Henley Management College, three years of a working life spent emailing are a complete waste of time, since 32% of messages read and sent are considered not relevant.

When the internet email protocols were invented, the network – the whole idea of different computers talking to each other – was still a new concept. Trading data between computers didn’t just require finding a cable, or importing from one version of operating system into another; often the basic method of constructing and storing data was based on entirely distinct mathematical principles. This complexity didn’t become simple for another twenty years.
Today there are efficient ways to have on line conversations and these platforms have professional killers doing the dirty work for me in the background, silently and effective (sorting out, censoring, cleaning).

kill, kill, kill – no click is needed.

I let social media platforms do the dirty work for me, as having discussions on my posts is – Arrggh. Waking my killer instinct because my inbox gets filled with notifications about comments on my posts and I do not want to spend hours and hours each week moderating and responding to comments.

We invite you to have discussions on social media and not on earthstoriez webpage.

Commenters, feel free. But not here. Sorry. It is easy to use twitter, instagram, youtube, pinterest or facebook – we just popp that URL into our earthstoriez social media account and share it with our own virtual world there. It prompts fruitful dialogue with people we like and respect. Thank you for that.

It also sets the posts free, we no longer owe the Social Media Content, we know – cherished posts will been slowly sucked into the social media history … drifting further and further away in the timeline.

But they may also breed conversations elsewhere – hopefully they do – but that’s out of our hands.

We can spend my time writing, reading and sharing and with your help we can safe 3 years of our lifes, isn’t that great. We do have a mailbox you can use for suggestions, comments & feedback too, but we are likely not to answer. Contact us here.


~ ○ ~